...and everything that goes with it.

Loosely drawn lines on a canvas allowing the reader to find their own meaning.

Rainy day writings about aging souls, wounded hearts and lonely recesses.

Variations on a theme. Jazz writings. Improv with a keyboard. Go man, go.

My attempt to capture an image through words. These pieces are akin to photographs -- hopefully saying a lot without saying much.

Stream of Consciousness
Cast your line in this stream and you never know what you might snag. Some might have you wondering if this writer's mind has 'gone fishing'.

Stories, parables, fables and other attempts to spin a yarn.
Memoirs of a Forgotten Man
Attention publishers -- read these seeds of a novel and ink me a book deal. Now!

A random collection of rants, raves and ramblings from yours truly.

Meant to give the reader an idea of the identity and spirit of the man below the fold.

Odds 'n Ends
Some writings defy categorization. Some defy rationalization. Some defy the very idea of communication.

Standing on the corner, smoking a cigarette, dropping by a coffee shop, putting a few more miles on the ol' pair of boots.

They say you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. I don't know if I'm making an omelette but these early Below the Fold pieces indicate that some concoction was in its primary stages.

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