Some Reader Comments

"I did a wonderful thing for myself today, I read below the fold. I felt connected to something that I had forgotten about. I am so grateful to have read that, it made me cry, not from sadness but from not being lost -- to recognize a kindred soul."

"When I read your articles, I feel as if i have found my way home after a thousand year search."

"I just wanted to let you know that your words of thought were very touching. They describe so closely as to how I feel these days. I'm pretty close to the bottom of my pit and reading these words brought a kind of comfort. The comfort that maybe someone out there is feeling the same way or has felt that way and understands. "

"Thank you for reminding me of the 'key'. I have always felt there was a place that this would fit, turn and make my way a little easier.. it has been such a struggle that I had forgotten how to dream... awakening... to the sleep I've been sleeping. There is magic. I do believe in miracles...again. "

"Such beautiful words are too often lost -- just on the verge of discovery. So we are all searching -- here, for 'something' to fill the void. Who are you that can co-exist in such a painful position? And still see the beauty...finding something precious in the pain."

"Kudos to whomever pens Below the Fold. It is thought-provoking, intriguing, unusual and eloquent (I make part of my living as a writer, so I feel somewhat qualified to judge). My hope is that more people take the plunge and check it out, as it always makes me unusual occurrence in this frantic day and age!"

"I delight in all the thoughts, dreams, sayings and most of all the truths that are revealed in Below the Fold. It makes you think. And daydream."

"I just finished reading The Fold, and find it so uplifting. I collect quotes of those that have a message to give. Many of them I use as my signature at various times; the others I send to friends and family. Mostly I reread them many times, I often feel that they were made for me! I wish to thank you, in advance, for the future smiles you will put on my face!"

"I visit Below th Fold and find some solace in the musings of the great philosopher. Almost every time there is a chord struck; a distant memory tweaked; a thought revisited. Who is this mindreader? No, on second thought, let the mystery remain along with the enjoyment. Thank you for the pleasure."

"Where did this piece come from? It was vivid and intuitive and speaks to probably all of us. I don't think I've ever been that interested in anything I''ve seen on the web. It really knocked me out."

"I have to tell you that I continue to be, as someone else put it, completely blown away by what I read in 'Below the Fold' The words, no matter what they are, always stike a chord in me, somewhere in my mind, profoundly, like a distant memory, and sometimes a piercing of the heart - sometimes like a pin prick; sometimes like a sharp knife, cold and icy; or warmed to receive it without wincing - so that one would barely notice that for a moment in time, one's heart has stopped. I had not read it for awhile - needing a little reflection that some of the words required. Once I was so effected, that I unsubscribed - but not for long - could not help but to return!"

"You just looked right into my soul with this one. Thanks."

"... a wonderful opportunity to read incredible little articles that make me smile & appreciate the little things in life that mean so much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you - for providing such inspirational, life affirming and realistic pieces to be allowed into my world on the other side of the screen!"

"The writing submitted by this person is some of the best 'mind twisting' I have read in years. Each story takes me on journeys within the story...never knowing where I'll end up...with metaphoric images to be understood."

"I have fallen in love with words on a page and my image of you. You paint such a beautiful idyll for the mind to just wallow around in. Thank you for Below the Fold and please don't ever leave."

"I just had to let you know how much I enjoy your articles. They always leave me thinking. Very few things can grab and hold my attention in this fast paced, sometimes frightening world. You manage to do just that."

"Thank you so very much for the thoughts. They open one's mind, heart and soul."

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