An Introduction of Sorts

Hello again. Perhaps you'll remember me -- I'm the tour guide through this area we call Below the Fold. I don't speak up very often but I am responsible for your safety so I must caution you again to keep your hands and feet inside the car as we continue our journey. I see that we have quite a few new faces who have come aboard. Not to worry, we've got plenty of room and the more the merrier. Never mind that distant laughter.

We have certainly found ourselves deep within the fold. So I thought it might be a good idea to assess where we have come by taking a little look around and pointing out some of the more essential elements of this environment.

A little mood music please... a groovy guitar riff driven by a sinister bass line would do nicely, and don't skimp on the percussion. Maybe a distant horn section dispersed here and there.

Feeling it?

Now, if I might direct your attention to your deepest fears and darkest thoughts, you'll find the Frenetic American Night.. a popular arena for Folded thoughts. With its alleys and hungry denizens, broken hopes, limitless possibilities, desperate lovers, poorly-mended wounds, scars, smiles, dreams, ice-cream sentiments, lost secrets, apprehensions, carnival music, denials, indiscretions, malevolence, crazy beauty, reckless sins, dance hall believers, freak-show survivors, distortions, alibis and arresting features.

Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to explore... read the graffiti on the hurricane walls and the faded billboards, descend into the back-room parlors where anything goes, walk with tired angels and forlorn creators, find a warm place to rest, or a stage door to open, or a lost wanderer to share understanding.

And who is this we are approaching?... standing in the dim spotlight, with a bullhorn and a flashlight and a fisherman's hat... yes, I believe you know him. So, without further ado, let me introduce my alter ego, the one, the only, the inimitable, the inevitable, the occasionally intelligible and often incorrigible... Daily Editor. I believe he has something to say, and he wants to whisper it in your ear.

So, if you'll just lean a bit this way...

... We're just beginning. And it's so nice to have you aboard.

~ ~ ~

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