Lost Causes

We are all stealing fine drops. Misting our eyes. Fleeing from the center. Edging out the mask of serenity... of brutal disguise. We are rapidly approaching the ultimate breach of contract. Making more of coincidence than reasonable.

I walked that line. Far too long. Laying those borders. Sizing up. Surveying territory that just can not be defined. Pounding stakes in untouched ground. The ultimate indiscretion. Sounding the call of the new age.

We are making it all worthwhile. We are stilling the waters. Dropping pebbles and making our own waves. Funding that one great blitzkrieg. It is all beginning again. See the little creatures run for cover. Fleeing the scene of the crime.

Walking in line. Boarding the evacuation bus. Triple-decker. As the darkness blankets this mad dream... silencing the victims. All the watches have stopped their spinning. No time left to count. Seconds.. motion.. all the same tonight. Moving through the layers. Peeling back the city's secrets. A slow ride past the residents who never got to leave... eye to eye with that glass separating you... unsure which of you is on the real survival trip. Catching a glimpse of a puppy tucked inside a trench coat, being bottle fed. You'd cry, but you can't find the reason.

And the underground shuttles are nearing their destination. As the neon flickers to life. Pointing the way.. in its cryptic way. Everything proceeding as planned. We see the clues clearly now that everything has been stripped away. Far too late for any deciphering to make a difference.

We knew you came here, we just didn't realize you lived here. And the coupling that was denounced last spring is really making a splash this time around. And there is little to say about it now.

They've got their orders down pat now. No need to ask anymore. No need to seek any form of access. The faces are betraying more than sadness. Lines are running deep into the mind. Weary troubadours have forgotten their words. But they keep singing. They just don't know any better.

How long can this revelry last?

~ ~ ~

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