Superman Don't Come Around Here No More

Part Two

Looking up, dusting himself off, the boy gazes upon the airship safely docked on a Ferris wheel. No immediate sign of the captain. But he could be anywhere, among the broken elements of this greatest show on Earth.

Yes, it seems the boy has wandered into a junkyard of our sweetest memories -- no place for them anymore out among the concrete desires of daily life. Merry-go-rounds and torn circus tents abound, faded signs promising feats of strength and cotton candy and wonders bound only by limits of a wild imagination. A deserted carnival, a ghost town of childhood fantasy, a circus that will never come to town.

Walking towards the Ferris wheel, if only to get a closer look at the airship, the boy feels a mixture of anticipation and deep remorse. Nothing he can put his finger on.

Sleeping peacefully in a Ferris wheel car the boy discovers a man who is soon revealed to be the captain of the airship. Waking now, introducing himself and abruptly checking a watch that stopped running some time long ago.

-- You made it just in time. Only 10 minutes 'til show time! Come come, don't dally.

Grabbing the boy's hand and rushing him towards a tent adorned with once bright colors forming shapes foreign to the boy.

Inside the tent, bleacher seats are lined up before a stage, currently hidden by a beautiful velvet curtain. The boy takes a seat in front and spends the remaining minutes leading up to show time following the design that runs along the edges of the curtain -- carefully stitched with golden yarn... wondering who might have spun such an intricate creation and why they placed so many strange details within.

In mid-thought and mid-journey, the curtain comes to life, parting in dramatic fashion, revealing that captain in an MC getup -- top hat, red jacket with tails, greased mustache, the whole bit. As if addressing a roomful of loud revelers, attempting to gain the tent's attention, this strange fellow begins barking what must have been a standard greeting some time in the now distant past, some where far away.

-- In honor of His Excellency, the Grand Selector, and in full cooperation with the Ministers of Recollection, may I welcome each and every one of you to The Big Show! Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, for the first time outside of their native continent, it is my pleasure and deep honor to bring you The Magic Circus of Dorr! If you have a gentle constitution please be warned, you are about to see things you've only dared to imagine in your wildest dreams...

~ ~ ~

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